Rudyard Sailor wins Solo Nations Cup

Anandydy Couch, who is a member of Rudyard Lake and was brought up sailing on the lake has just won the International Solo event at Lake Garda. Well done Andy.

For more details and some video clips, follow this link.

You can see Andy accepting the cup at about 9m into the video

SailSec Blog #16 – Sailing Formats

I was down at the Sailing Club this Saturday for the end of Jybaz, the BBQ race (followed by a lovely BBQ) and also the Go Sailing coaching session. It was wonderful to see loads of boats on the water and so many at the club house. That, alongside discussions at sailing committee this week, has prompted me to get thinking about next seasons sailing formats. In the spirit of a blog, these are my thoughts and questions to get us thinking, not an “official communication”.

Whist we are only halfway through the season, we are starting to think in Sailing Committee about the format of sailing for next year. We have introduced a few new things this year. The main one is Go Sailing Sessions on Saturday late afternoons to help those making the transition from an RYA course to regular sailing. We continue to run Jybaz, Wednesday evening race training, RYA courses and our programme of Sunday Races. Trish, our president is also building links with local schools to encourage more future sailors. And our Open Day was again very successful at attracting new members.

One of the challenges we face is providing the right balance of sailing for all the different levels of sailors in the club. We have also struggled to get all the duties covered on Sundays. Another aim is to ensure social events are successful and the right type of event to attract a wide spectrum of members. Having good social bonds between all the different elements of the club is key in my opinion. I see five main groups of members

  1. Non/occasional sailors – who enjoy the social aspects of the club and many of who are crucial to the smooth running of the club, helping out in many unsung ways in the background
  2. Junior sailors and their families who tend to turn up on Saturday Jybaz sessions or Sundays.
  3. New/Novice sailors looking for encouragement to sail, a bit of coaching and support
  4. Experienced Sailors who like racing
  5. Those who like organised cruising session with others.
  6. Super Keen Racers who travel to open and other meetings and represent the club away from Rudyard.

Balancing the needs of all these groups is a challenge we and all sailing clubs face. And I am sure I have missed some categories too.

With Abersoch coming up, many club members will be away for a week and chatting over beers, wine and other entertainment…. So please could you talk about ideas and options for next year over the summer. They could be tweaks to the current format, or more radical ideas for restructuring the sailing patterns. At this stage I’m looking for ideas and thoughts, and there is no such thing as a too radical or stupid suggestion. I’ll then use the ideas to shape the discussion we have around October about the format for next years sailing. Best bet is to email me

Many Thanks in advance.

Barts Bash – 21st September




You may have seen media coverage for Barts Bash. Running on 21st September, this will be a world record for the largest sailing event ever held. It is being organised in memory of Andrew Simpson, who was tragically killed last year. Some of you may also know that the shirt now framed on the wall by the galley was signed by Bart. The aim is to raise money and over 500 clubs are taking part – click here for a map of where they are located around the world.

Rudyard Sailing Club will be part of this event,  now we need to get signed up for the race. We need a minimum of 25 entries to contribute to the world record, so as a first step, please look in your diary and take a look at this video about some of the participants and then sign up here. I will update this page with more information as we firm up our plans, but in the mean time please take a look at the Barts Bash Website and sign up here for the race.

Please support what promises to be an amazing day and be part of a World Record Attempt in memory of Andrew.

Sailsec Blog #2 – Dates to be aware of

Only 3 weeks to go till sailing starts (for the hardy sailors) so I hope you are nearly ready for the new season. Measure up your kids and see if they have grown over the winter, and then get down to Decathalon in Stockport if they have! (It’s best place in my opinion for good value wetsuits and sailing gear). Looks like shortage of water won’t be a problem for the start of the season.

With the calendar now published, its time to pick out the key dates and pop them in your diary. Here is my personal selection you might like to consider.

8/9th March – Sailing starts – Jybaz and Endurance Race

9th April – Wednesday Series Starts

27th April – Solo Open

5 May – Open Day please come down and support us and encourage new members. Keeping membership levels high is the best way of creating a fun club and keeping subscriptions low. If everyone brought down one potential new member or family…

24 May – Topper Open

17 May – First Go Sailing session at 4pm for less experienced adult sailors. Part of a bigger Push Boat out day with visit by Olympic Sailor.

21st June – Summer Social Event

19th July – Abersoch. This is a week-long sailing holiday with racing and an active social scene. Speak to Trish for details on this event.

13/14 September – Southport 24 hour races. This is listed at #4 in the Yachts and Yachting top 50 sailing events. A Le Mans style race, Rudyard is one of a handful of clubs to have entered every one of the 47 events. Even if you don’t want to sail, it’s a great experience to attend, and we always need help on the shore to support those on the water.

21st September. Barts Bash – we will be taking part in a world record sailing race in memory of Bart Simpson so make sure if you only come down to the club on one day, you take part in this unique event.

22nd November – Trophy Dinner Dance. You don’t need to have won anything, this event is for all the club and is a great evening together at the end of the season.

A reminder – my blog last week covered key changes to the racing series, click here to read it. We look forward to seeing you soon.