Annual Dinner Dance 22nd November

fh_facilities_hire_croppedYou are cordially invited to the RLSC Annual Dinner Dance on Saturday 22nd November.

This is our main social event of the year and a great evening to get together and remember (or forget) those moments on the water, in the clubhouse or on the shore.  We are returning to the clubhouse this year, with external professional caterers who will be laying on a fantastic meal.  We have also booked Wychcraft, a live 18 piece Jazz band, who will be entertaining us through the evening.  A short part of the evening is giving out trophies for the season, but don’t let that put you off.  We will also be having X Factor style voting on the night for the award for the sailor most in need of rescue boat help – you will be choosing the winner.

So dust off your posh frocks, dinner suits, or whatever you would like to wear and book now for what we hope will be a fabulous event.

Please click on this link Dinner dance details including menu/wine choices and make your selection on the form.  It would be helpful if you could list the people with whom you would like to sit, although we cannot guarantee this.  Suggested numbers for a table is eight. The event is open to all those 12 and over with reduced prices for the youngsters.

Please complete the names and menu selections and send the tear off slip with your cheque made payable to RLSC.  Please post these to Brenda Wright, 2 Swettenham Street, Macclesfield SK11 7BT. You can also email your menu choices through to

Please return your menu selections by Friday 8th November at the very latest.

We would like your views on Sailing Formats for 2015


The last few years have seen significant growth in numbers attending Jybaz, and the move in society in general to more varied and shorter formats in sport (e.g. Cricket – 20/20 format from test matches and Sailing short televised series near the shore). The strength of Jybaz has resulted in the club feeling like it has split into two very distinct sections.

At the same time, declining numbers of members racing on a Sunday mean that finding people willing to do duties to support racing is becoming harder, despite introducing online system. Another group of sailors poorly catered for are those making the transition from RYA L1&2 training to becoming more experienced sailors. There has been, up to the start of this season, limited provision for these sailors. This year we have introduced “Go Sailing”, an ad-hoc coaching session for novice sailors that has been well attended with approximately 15 plus at each session.

In summary, the growth in Jybaz has resulted in membership balance shifting and us attempting to run a far greater number of sessions with similar number of volunteers. The sailing committee has been working on a revised format for next year to address some of these issues. This paper summarises proposed changes for the 2015 season. These proposals have been approved by Sailing Committee and General Committee for discussion in class meetings.


The proposal is designed to support the following aims

  1. Attracting new members
  2. Training and developing novice sailors
  3. Introduction to racing
  4. Racing skills development.

We aim to build on strengths such as racing, youth training, RYA training, Go Sailing and New member recruitment. We also will focus on areas needing development such as novice development, junior racing, new member retention, duties, developing future club officers.

Proposed Format

The proposal is fundamentally designed to bring the three core elements of the club (Sunday Racing, Novice Sailing and Junior Sailing) together for part of the year (June/July). This will be on Sundays with a structure of Jybaz/Go Sailing/Race Training on Sunday mornings and two races in the afternoons. The main features are

  1. Bring all three sailing sections of the club (Junior, Novice, and racing) together for June/July.
  2. Retain current structures for rest of the season
  3. Replace Fleet race with a new mass start series targeted at more novice sailors.
  4. Run Folkes series through whole summer to retain continuity and interest in June/July for Racers
  5. Introduce Pursuit series in this period (favoured by some less experience racers)
  6. Drop Trafalgar day, retain trophy day
  7. Rebalance prizes to provide a greater variety
  8. Make use of the strength of Jybaz during the joint sailing period to reduce pressure on duties.
  9. Make club available for weddings & courses on Saturdays in June and July (as well as rest of year as at present).
  10. Retain regattas as it was felt this year’s low attendance may be a one off due to weather.


Below is a proposed Timetable. Its aim is to create a summer period in June/July that brings the club together finishing when we go to Abersoch.  We would continue with Regattas and Trophy day. Fleet racing has been dropped due to low attendance for that race.

Format Mar/Apr Apr/May Jun/July Aug/Sept Oct/Nov
Week 1/3/5 Week 2/4
Sat Jybaz Jybaz/Training Club available Jybaz/Training Jybaz
Sun am Endurance Series Spring Pursuit Jybaz & Go Racing Go Sailing & Go Racing Autumn Pursuit OR Autumn Mass Start Series Autumn Leaves Series
Sun 1.30 Folkes Series Folkes Series Folkes Series
Sun 3.15 Spring Mass Start  Series Novice Pursuit series (running into Aug/Sep to retain interest after July)
Wed Wed Pursuit A Wed Pursuit A/B Wed Pursuit B
Key Training Pursuit Race Mass Start Race


We have gathered a significant amount of input for this format and it has the support of both the Sailing and General Committee.  Please discuss and consider the following questions

  1. Are you broadly in favour of the proposed changes?
  2. Have you any suggestions for improvements?
  3. Have you any significant concerns that you feel need to be addressed?
  4. Do you have any views on the race formats, in particular the first race in August/Sept and the third race in April May

Please feedback to your class captains – Dave Ernest (Solo), Mike Raine (Handicap) and Steve Sutton (Albacore), Chris Smith (Jybaz) who will be arranging class meetings. Otherwise, please email me We would like all feedback before the end of October. We will consider feedback, revise proposal if required.

Next Steps

  1. Review feedback and adjust as required.
  2. Present final version to members
  3. Review follow on topics such as detailed calendar, prizes and update year book for next year to reflect revised formats.

Mark Jacot – Sailing Secretary September 2014