Commodore’s Cogitations #4 – Update from the Managment Committee

committee1._1Behind any successful organisation is a well oiled management team. We held our first Management Committee meeting of the year this week.

The Management committee is the main formal committee that runs the club, chaired by the President (Trish Ordsmith) and focuses mainly on Strategy and financial control and management and a few other things we have to do as a limited company.  The voting members are the President (Trish Ordsmith) Commodore (Mark Jacot), Rear Commodore (Mike Scott), Operations Director (Tom Powers), Treasurer (Arthur Wilson), Company Secretary (Martin Lilley) and Dave Burnham as a non exec member. The Vice Commodore (Chris Smith) and Secretary (Maurice Walker) also attend.

We had a long and productive meeting and agreed the following

  • An outline 3 year plan focused on growing membership from our current 249 to 299 (why 299, well its 20% growth and takes us back to where we were exactly a few years ago)
  • To set up a financial strategy sub group to put together a financial plan to support this and also consider how we invest the club reserves (we have reserves saved for significant items such as road repairs and work on the clubhouse)
  • Approval of a number of updates to key policies
  • A proposed budget for this year including allocating budget for projects which will potentially include an extra pontoon (subject to successful grant applications) and updates to the committee/training room

We also looked at governance structures of the club and will discuss that further at the next meeting. We are aiming to make sure we have the right number and structures of committees to  make sure we effectively run the main aspects of the club.

We covered a few other matters including agreeing support for model boat racing and closed the meeting just before midnight. Hopefully future meetings will be shorter. If you would like to know more, ask any of the committee members.

Lastly a request – if anyone knows who set up the @RLSCOfficial twitter feed a while back, please let me know.

Commodore’s Cogitations #3 – The joys of duty allocation

Race Hut


This definitely falls into the category of thankless tasks that I’m bound to get wrong somewhere! After about 100 emails, 2 weekends and about 15 hours sitting staring at spreadsheets and trying to get duties to upload, they are finally on the system.A huge thanks to Sally Sanderson who sorted out the template files with all the calendar and slots before I even started.

I’ve tried where possible to take into account holidays and preferences for all those who emailed me to let me know. Anyone who did not respond has been allocated duties based on what we think they prefer.

I’ve tried to allocate duties fairly and evenly, and also taking into account helm/crew combinations so that where possible you are on duty on the same dates. I’m sure I have not got it totally right but its the best I can manage.


Please could you log onto duty man by clicking here. You will need to confirm that you are able to the duties you have been allocated. If you are not able to it is your responsiblity to arrange a swap and the system can help you do this – there are very clear instructions on the system for both these tasks. The system will let you request a password update if you have forgotten yours. If you are really stuck and can’t login please contact Dave Burnham

If you are a Jybaz instructor, we have left quite a few gaps as I understand from Chris you folks usually self allocate and sort things out. In particular there are no pre allocations for the June/July period. So please log on and select dates you will be down at the club.

Bar duties will follow when Janey has done her magic on the bar rota.

I hope that’s all clear – thanks in advance.

Mark Jacot



Working parties from 11th Jan


He spent all the winter painting the name on his boat – I hadn’t the heart to tell him!

Please note that working parties start on SUNDAY 11th January at 10.30. Other dates are

18th Jan, 25th Jan, 1st Feb, 8th Feb, 15th Feb, 22nd Feb

Please come down to the club, its really important that we get the club ship shape for the new season, and also tidy for weddings and other events.

Any queries, please contact either Tom Powers or Mike Scott.

Sailing & Jybaz Calendar 2015

Sailing_CalendarThe Sailing calendar is now available here. This is a first version, so any queries or questions please let me know

The Jybaz Calendar can also be found here.

Commodore’s Christmas Cogitations

xmasI’m sorry I did not make it to the AGM. Many of you will know that my dad died recently, and his funeral was the following day. I am reliably informed I was elected as commodore! Thanks for voting me in; I’m looking forward to the role. My main aim is to bring together the different sections of the club and not to upset too many people along the way. I’m sure Sarah will keep me out of trouble!

Thanks to Andy Mellor for suggesting the title for my blogs this year, a pint awaits you at the bar as a small gesture of thanks. I thought I’d kick off with what I wrote for the AGM to go with my nomination. The successful running of the club relies on many people working together, in particular our President (Trish Ordsmith), various commodores (Rear Mike Scott, Vice – Chris Smith) and many others. I look forward to working with them to develop the club along the following lines

  • Build on the many strengths we have including Racing, Jybaz, Training, RYA recognition and our fantastic facilities. That said we must recognise without change the slow decline in membership numbers over the last few years may continue. That is what prompted the review of sailing formats that we will test next year and has informed the club’s 3 year plan.
  • Developing and improving sailing at the club. Jybaz has grown into a hugely successful section of the club of similar size to Sunday and Wednesday Racing. This year we will experiment with a period of joint sailing to bring the club together more. We also intend to continue develop our less experienced sailors through Go Sailing, Wednesday afternoon sailing and other initiatives These are the sailors of the future alongside our more experienced racers.
  • Developing a clear financial plan to give us a framework within which to make major investment decisions including maintenance of the fabulous club house, development of other facilities such as a second pontoon, continuing to build the clubs financial reserves and better exploiting grants available
  • Have fun, the club has many non-sailing members and for all, coming down to Rudyard means many things from a social day out or developing sailing skills, contributing to the smooth running of the club and competitive racing. Social and other events are a key part of this.
  • Spreading the work load and improving governance. The club relies on volunteers to keep it running. We plan to evolve the governance and organisation of the club to ensure the committee roles are not too onerous and every member is clear on whom to approach depending on the topic. We all have a role to play; being a member involves both a financial and time commitment. We also wish to create an environment in when everyone makes a voluntary contribution to the club (Duties, Bar, Working Parties, committee posts and many more) that is fully valued and appreciated.
  • Communication. We plan to continue improving communication and using the many and varied ways and tools available. The Clubs 60th Anniversary in 2016 coincides with the 50th Year of the Southport 24 hour race in which we one of only a few clubs to have competed in every race. I’m sure this will great opportunity for the club to celebrate.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable time over Christmas and Santa brings you lots of sailing goodies!