Commodore’s Cogitations #6 – Thank you

This weekend was one of those weekends when I feel proud to help lead such a fantastic sailing club. I’m not going to name names, as you are often the unsung heroes that make the club run smoothly, but here are  few of my highlights

  1. A fantastic regatta with 22 boats on the water, 7 juniors sailing incluing 3 top half finshers. Mind you, some of those sitting in the warm race hut could have been out on the water!
  2. Potential new members turn up and one of our Junior sailors is happy to rig a Laser 2000 and take them out for a sail
  3. The flowers in the plant pots have all been quietly changed for new spring bedding
  4. The club is all set up and cleared up for a wedding next saturday with clear jet washed patios, drapes up, and much much more.
  5. Fresh Doombar to drink after sailing in the bar
  6.  Coxes on the water to ensure we can all sail safely
  7. Despite a mix up (error by commodore!) fabulous food on both days, and the galley spick and span and cleared up after sailing
  8. Resuce boats in fine fettle for the season
  9. The club grounds cleared and tidy thanks to the working parties (along with all the other jobs they did this winter such as sorting out cess pits, plumbing, new windows by the bar – bet you hadn’t noticed those)
  10. A fantastic new top boat park cleared and resurfaced to support our ongoing membership growth
  11. Boat park spaces all neatly labeled and ready for the new season (don’t even think about leaving a boat at the club without having paid a boat fee though!)
  12. And loads more – I won’t keep going

One or two things to ask members

  1. DONT FORGET – 2 WEEKS TILL THE OPEN DAY – MONDAY 1st May. looking at numbers on facebook page, it could be a record turn out, but keep on spreading the word to friend and please come down and help. Please email Ian if you can come down and help for any part of the day. Lots of jobs from parking cars, serving food, or just being bubbly and positive about sailing and persuading people to join!
  2. Duties, please please, confirm your duties on duty man and email me if for genuine reasons you absoutly can’t make your slot, please don’t just fail to turn up.

Lastly a few members have asked about evening meals from time to time after sailing on Sunday. Would you be interested if David is willing to lay on some food from time to time? If so please email me.