Commodores Cogitations #7

I’m blown away. The Open Day was fantastic folks, and I second the thanks to Ian for everyone who pulled together to cope with the fantastic numbers. Mentioning no names, but Ian for organising the day and Ralph for the fantastic publicity in advance and everyone who was working all day in carparks, galley, membership processing, on the water, managing the pontoon and other jobs. The new top boat park makes a nice Members Car Park!

We now need to do what Rudyard does best! Welcome our new members. For Jybaz, if you see puzzled children or parents, please help them, they may be new members or potential members having a follow up look. Training, we will need lots of help on courses so if you are an instructor, please offer to help (to Trish or Larry)

Push the Boat Out – 13th May

This is our main follow up session. Its a series of booked slots, with about 30-40 pre booked potential members. Ian will be putting out requests for help, this day, though less busy, is more important than Open Day for converting potential members to join the club.

Investment in Club Boats

The net result of this effort is a growing vibrant club. It also gives us funds to invest, at our committee meeting last week we reviewed our budgets and based on current plans we think that we might have  surplus this year of £5-10,000 to invest in the club. This will allows us invest in new boats (like we did last year) and also continuing to improve the site. At the management meeting we approved spending

  • £4000 to refurbish the current club boats, including our Toppers which I believe will get new foils and sails, covers for picos, work on the club lasers and other items.
  • Applications for grants for 3 new boats as part of our boat development plan. These will be a third 2 man boat (possibly the Argo that we trialed at the end of last year) a third RS Feva and a second Laser 1. This improves both our training fleet and also provides boats for our novices to sail – its good to see the RS Fevas we bought last year being used regularly.
  • Purchase of a club Optibat (apparently this is a type of optimist dinghy). It is not the normal white colour, but to see what colour it is you will have to come down to a Jybaz session.

Other Events Coming Up

Don’t forget we have the Topper open this Saturday 6th May, lots of Toppers racing at Rudyard, great to watch so you don’t need to sail, just come down and enjoy the day.

On 11th May we have our first Home Schools Grant funded taster day. Help will be required on the day to take mums and kids out, so if you are not working, please could you let Trish know by email. Click here to email her.

Health and Safety – JYBAZ Parents please note

At our Managment meeting we review all incidents and near misses at the club. The main issue discussed was that most injuries are bumps on the head, in particular for our Junior Jybaz. Whilst its not the desire of the club to impose any rules, all Jybaz parents are advised to consider if they wish their children to wear some form of protective headgear. Adult sailors may also wish to consider some form of headgear, a number of the Solos use a head protector – speak to Phil Blakeman who is usually around on Sundays and look at what he wears. Helmets are very light weight and some look like a baseball caps. All the top racers on bigger boats wear them now.

Duty Slots – Volunteers Please

We need volunteers for general duty slots on 21st May and 28th May. Great opportunity for newer members to get involved and meet people, so if you can fill a slot for the day please email me. No experience required.