Commodores Cogitations #36 – AGM

In the run up to the AGM this is a bit more of an admin blog and less of a sailing blog.

The AGM will be held on Sunday 13th December (Next Sunday) at 2pm after the final race of the Autumn Leaves Series in the morning.

This is an important meeting, and your chance to influence the direction of the club and how it’s run. It’s really difficult to please everyone all of the time, hopefully we get it right more often than not.  The AGM is one of the occasions you can have your say. So please don’t leave it to others, join in and help us make the club better. More details, including some of the reports for 2015 that have already been written are here.

Thanks to Neil and the galley team, we will be providing a FREE supper after the AGM. Janey and the bar team will be available to serve you drinks (sorry those are not free!), so it will a great opportunity to chat and catch up.

We have two proposals for Life Membership. The rules on life membership state Life Members are elected by not less than two thirds of those present at a General Meeting on the recommendation of the Committee of Management. In the opinion of the Committee of Management, a proposed Life Member shall have made a major contribution to the Club, normally but not necessarily, over a sustained period. It will not be awarded automatically to every retiring Flag Officer or Club official. A Life Member shall be required to make a single payment of such a fee as the General Committee may decide.

We have two proposals this year. Fred Whittaker who has served the club in many and various ways over the years is one. The other is John Gimson. John learnt to sail at Rudyard Lake Sailing Club and regularly returns here when he can. He is competing for a place to represent Great Britain at the Olympics next summer in the Nacra 17, and is already one of the leading sailors in the UK. The proposal is to recognise the achievements of one of our most successful ex club members.  Further details of the nominations will be provided at the AGM by the proposers.

Remember that details of meetings and rule changes are regularly posted in the members page (and also publicised in my blog) which can be found here.

Don’t forget it is also the Christmas party on Saturday 12th December, and on Friday 11th December, the Rowing Club will be holding their Christmas party at the club, its great that they are using our fabulous club house.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next Sunday.